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   Bernadette Miller was born in Newark, New Jersey, but grew up in Crisfield, Maryland, a small town on the Lower Eastern Shore. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama intending to become an actress and moved to New York City. She studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and with private acting coaches, appeared in some off-Broadway productions and Summer Stock, and finally obtained an Actor's Equity card, permitting her to join the actors union.

   During her early twenties, she met and eventually married an artist who convinced her to give up the theater and become a professional writer. She'd written stories, poetry, and novels since childhood. They moved to a New York suburb and lived there for over a year. Unhappy with her marriage and the suburbs, Bernadette moved back to Manhattan and studied fiction writing at New York University and the New School for Social Research.

   Her first published story, "Crumbling," about her stepfather's mother in a nursing home, appeared in Firelands Arts Review, Firelands College, Ohio. Since then, her stories have appeared in numerous literary magazines including, The University of Portland Review, Reflect, Enigma, Calliope (Roger Williams College, Rhode Island); Skylark, Purdue University; Blister & Burn, (Scars Publications anthology); Jewish Currents, and The Binnacle (University of Maine at Machias.) Some of her stories published online: Pulse, The Copperfield Review, The Moonwort Review, and The Pink Chameleon.
   Her current novel, The Beginning, is set five thousand years ago in the Middle East before the three great religions were established. An epic tale spanning several generations, The Beginning traces the possible origins of some Old Testament stories. Archaeologists have discovered that encounters between two radically-different cultures: the primitive Bedouins of ancient Saudi Arabia and the sophisticated, non-Arab Sumerians in ancient Southern Iraq probably led to the foundation of Judaism. The Beginning imagines such an encounter and its consequences that still shape our religious perceptions .
   Bernadette is a member of the Authors Guild and the Women's National Book Association. She's been interviewed on New York's Channel 34 and read her story, "The Perfect Relationship," published by Slugfest, Ltd., 1997. She's been a featured reader at the Beaux Arts Society and various Manhattan pubs and restaurants, and still resides in New York--the city she loves.


SELECTED PUBLISHED STORIES" The Performer,"Writer's Intl.Forum 1996; "Scheherazade,"Medicinal Purposes,End of Year 1999; "A Tailor's Heart,"Jewish Currents, 2000; "Hide-and-Seek,"Eyes,2001

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